We, the people of Impulse Media, like to measure success with the establishment and maintenance of good and long-term partnerships with clients as well as with colleagues that operate in this field. We know that the best advertising is the recommendation “from mouth to mouth”. We would like to kindly thank all companies and individuals for choosing us and personally testing our qualities that keep recommending our services. We wish you boundless successes and happiness!
Orthopaedics and traumatology centre – Doctor Kinov
It was great pleasure meeting and working with Hristo Mitkov, Impulse Media.
A colleague of his from the advertising business and marketing introduced us by chance. But that very moment I felt I had the pleasure of meeting a great professional and human being. This first impression proved right over and over again during our fruitful work. He demonstrated in-depth understanding of the essence of the Internet advertising and the web design. But more importantly, we enjoyed our excellent relations and mutual trust that we built on the basis of the precision and trustworthiness in working, ethical attitude and discipline. This unexpected encounter proved to be essential for our operations and making our work popular as it is related to treating people with orthopaedic disorders. The contribution of Mr. Mitkov for providing better cares after the numerous ill people in our country proved to be enormous.
 It is pleasure working with Mr. Mitkov and Impulse Media and I intend continuing our cooperation and performance of our future projects.
Civil initiative for free and democratic elections
Association “Civil initiative for free and democratic elections” – CIFDE assigned “Impulse Media” to prepare the interactive webpage for reflecting its media policy and relations with its 5 900 observers that were registered in the Central Election Commission at the extraordinary parliamentary elections in May 2013.
Here we would like to highlight our great satisfaction, as well as the satisfaction of our collaborators in the country and in Central European states, Canada and the USA with the high professionalism and the operational technical skills of the team of “Impulse Media” LTD. Our page enjoys not only a warm welcoming and cutting edge graphic design, but it also acts as reliable device for feedback with the Bulgarian citizens of all social strata.
Furthermore we would like to highlight the editorial as well as the technical and engineering skills and competencies of the team of “Impulse Media” with whom it was a real pleasure working with.
We would like to kindly recommend other potential clients to take advantage of their competencies, provided with marketing flair, discretion in terms of information confidentiality, and innovative solutions. “Impulse Media” provided the promotional and communication product we desired in short terms and at affordable prices. We would like to wish success to the company team with which we will maintain long-term business contacts for our future activity aimed at strengthening and developing the Bulgarian democracy and civil society.
Best Regards
Cool Services LTD
Company “Cool Services” LTD provides this recommendation to advertising agency “Impulse Media” LTD in its capacity of a client for maintaining the advertising in Google AdWords.
During our joint work the team of Impulse Media was successful in optimizing for a short term all parameters of our advertising in Google Adwords without increasing the established monthly budget. As a result of their work and the maintenance of good feedback we achieved an improvement of the comprehensive effectiveness of our company and increase of the number of orders through the advertised website (
We believe that the Impulse Media team consists of specialists that have extensive experience and are well aware of our needs and know how to achieve the targets defined by us.
We have excellent impressions from the professional and personal qualities of the team and we would like to recommend them to everyone that would like to get professional advertising in the Internet.
I M G LTD – Western mobile
With this recommendation we would like to share our satisfaction and high assessment of the work and professionalism of Hristo Mitkov, manager of company “Impulse Media” LTD concerning the preparation and the general appearance of our company webpage.
“Impulse Media” LTD developed the website in conformity with all deadlines and requirements contained in the contract. Their patience and creativity contributed for the modern appearance of our website, its functionality and convenient interface. They organized the comprehensive work for collecting the materials that were necessary for the website and the Internet store including the professional photo-shooting of all products. Thanks to the rapid feedback all occurred questions and clarifications concerning the design were reflected in instantaneous and precise solutions.
We keep relying on their technical maintenance for optimizing the website.
We highly recommend “Impulse media” LTD since it is a trustworthy partner that you can rely on for excellent web solutions.
Looking forward to our future and successful cooperation.
Doctor Ivan Slavchev, specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist
My name is doctor Ivan Slavchev and I am specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist. Recently I opened up luxurious gynaecological cabinet in Medical centre – Knyazhevo. In the beginning visit rates were low because there was no advertising. I sought for cooperation from Hristo Mitkov. He prepared my website with the initials -
The website was prepared very professionally. After my website was uploaded in the Internet I witnessed increase of the visit rates. I would like to thank Hristo Mitkov for the job well done.
Language centre Start Gate
In relation to the preparation of the website of my start-up enterprise Startgate, being a German language centre I turned to the team of Impulse Media that demonstrated great professionalism and accuracy. Additionally, Impulse Media undertook the preparation of the company website advertising in Google, which soon brought about great results.
During our joint work that is ongoing, the Impulse Media team was constantly at our disposal for all kinds of issues and additionally provides its support and the best possible solutions in view of client’s case. With this recommendation I would like to express my gratitude towards the entire team of Impulse Media that made the successful relation of my ideas possible.
The entire team is distinguished by its extraordinary professionalism, reliability and striving for achieving the best.
Webrix Studio LTD
Company Webrix Studio LTD issues this recommendation to Hristo Mitkov, in his capacity of manager of company “Impulse Media” LTD and we would like to share our excellent impressions from our joint work.
Webrix Studio maintains long-term partnership relations with Hristo Mitkov. In addition to assigning us with online projects of various complexity degree, Hristo created several strategic partnerships for our company.
Hristo has excellent organizational skills, he maintains effective communication, he is creative, provides convenient and beneficial conditions for all parties and takes care after the high quality servicing of the clients as well as after the easier and smoother works of the developers.
In the personal aspect, Hristo is honest, trustworthy and reliable.
We would like to thank Hristo for our excellent joint work and we wish him lots of success in his professional development.
Advertise BG LTD
Hristo Mitkov worked in Advertise BG LTD in the sales department from 2008. There he was occupied with making popular the company services and products. Additionally, he took care after the continuous communication with the company clients. I believe that Hristo is a well-established sales specialist with extensive experience in various fields. He achieved excellent sales results and also found some key clients for our company.
In addition to the sales area, Hristo often suggested innovative solutions for optimizing the company processes. This is a marketing specialist with business flair – a rarity in Bulgaria – he was integral part of our team and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Contact info:
Aleksandar Georgiev
Correct Net Media LTD
Correct Net Media LTD maintains long-term partnership relations with Hristo Mitkov, manager of Impulse Media LTD. We trust him because of his extraordinary professionalism. In view of his work he is responsible, decisive, creative and communicative. He manages to cooperate in the best possible manner for performing our joint projects for advertising in Google and for preparing websites for private and corporate clients.
Hristo is an honest, tolerant person with good intentions. He finds common language with everyone and is trustworthy.
We wish him lots of success in his future work and excellent partnership relations as always. We would like to thank him for his attentiveness and accuracy when it comes to all occurred issues.
We have been working with Hristo Mitkov since 2005 in relation to various projects and one of them was the creation of the website of agency “PREVODI BG”, which was a very responsible task since PREVODI BG is among the leading agencies for translations and interpretations in Bulgaria.
We were impressed by the professional attitude of Hristo Mitkov, the extensive selection of solutions in the design field and the timely reaction. He is very flexible – not only providing ideas but implementing them. We are satisfied with the quality of his work. All project requirements were satisfied in timely and faultless manner. He contributed a great deal with their initiative and the original solutions as he approached with understanding the needs of our organization and achieved the best possible ratio between quality and functionality.
We will continue our successful cooperation with Hristo Mitkov for our future projects. We would like to recommend Hristo Mitkov to everyone searching for a professional with individual approach and invariably fresh ideas.
Karin Vardanyan